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Fitmax - Fitmax Device

5 cm Slimming in the First Session with New Frequency Technology

Fitmax; It is the process of breaking down fat with painless Ultrasound Sound Waves applied to many parts of the body such as jowl, abdomen, back, waist, hip, lower leg. It reaches the fat cells just under the skin and breaks down the fat masses. Not only that, it also allows the deformed and sagging tissue in this area to be repaired and produce Collagen. It has no side effects and completely eliminates regional deformities.

The biggest difference that separates Fitmax from many weight loss devices; The measurement taken before the procedure notices immediately after the procedure, no waiting, no days to pass. Immediate results in as little as 30 minutes, your outfits will come loose! Do not try this miracle slimming device, which is applied 1 day a week and recommended 8 sessions for permanent slimming ...

Input Voltage: 180 - 240 volts
Power Consumption: 100 Watt
Ultrasonic Power: 60 Watt
Ultrasonic Frequency: 1.7 MHz + - 2% Deviation

Industrial Type Controller
10 ”Industrial Type HMI LCD Display
Optional Title Selection (for Local Studies)
Harmonic Filter System
Gel Free Usage Protection System
10,000 Hours Head Life
Automatic Power Application System with Working Area Selection
Length: 70 Width: 28 Depth: 39
Net Weight 25 Kg

Fitmax Device

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